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This blog has a very specific purpose: it's a place to post prompts for creative writing during the time of the lockdown. Initially it was for the use of my writing group, as we cannot for the time being meet in person - but I want to open it up to anyone who'd like to have a go at creative writing. I very strongly believe that writing is good for you: while you're writing, you're off somewhere else - you've escaped! And that can only be a good thing during lockdown.

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Thursday, 31 December 2020

Fantasy travel

I think it's time for a bit of fantasy travelling, a bit of escapism - so let's go!

Below are three postcards. You can use one of these as a starting point for a story or imaginative piece of some kind - or you can use a picture of your own and simply write about the place.

You might want to start by describing what you see, but it's entirely up to you!

The Torre Guinigi in Lucca, Tuscany

Tenerife, from a painting by Marianne North

From a painting by James Lynch

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